Snalvuck Scheppen

A Slender and bookish Svirfneblin, focussed on research.


Deep Gnome Wizard, armed with his own magical knowledge.


Born in a tiny village, young Snalvuck was always an inquisitive lad. He would regularly ignore the mundane work of assisting his father around the shop. He would much rather look for bugs in the fields or read than repair shoes. Before the age of eight he had read every book in the small town library and his voracious appetite for knowledge outstripped the visits of wandering merchants, so he began to take notes of the animals and plants he encountered exploring ever further from his home.

Upon reaching adulthood he attended university in Ansata-Meervark, progressing through his studies until he graduated and became a lecturer in Monster Biology. It was not long after being promoted to a fully-fledged professor however that his attempts to prove that giant scorpion venom is harmless, and that it is the stinger itself that kills, that a student of his was killed, and another maimed. He was stripped of his title and his rank at the university.

Bereft of wealth and unable to get another position in a university with this black stain upon his name he set out on his life’s work: a book drawn from his experiences wandering the land. Perhaps detailing his exploration of these lands beyond the fog will wipe his academic slate clean?

Snalvuck Scheppen

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