Rician Seafalcon

The Inventive Helmsman of the G.N. Wayfarer


A Kenku Artificer, armed with a Musket


The youngest member of the Wayfarer’s crew, Rician is an unusual sight. He is a member of a race of bird-like humanoids known as Kenku. Not much is known of what merger of races sired this offshoot. What is known of Rician is that he was born in the Dakeaf mountains and spent his youth tinkering. He came to notoriety with the Navy when he built a set of wings and used them to raid an airship. Rather than arrest him, Admiral Grok Underbart offered him a job as helmsman on a Navy ship. Since then Rician has excelled but it was still a surprise to most when he was given the post of helmsman on the Wayfarer.

Rician Seafalcon

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