Felwin Aririck

The Mercurial Chief Thaumineer on board the G.N. Wayfarer


Gnome Wizard/Artificer armed with a large Wrench


A mercurial Gnome, who spent his early years learning to be a powerful Wizard. After years of careful study at the Ansata-Meervark University, one day he decided that that life was not for him and abandoned the university. He then used his family’s money to buy a workshop. He then spent 2 years locked in the workshop, with no visitors. When he eventually emerged, he had created a new form of engine for airships. He still refuses to let the navy know the secrets of creating the convection plates with are the prime component. Others can operate them, but he is still the most accomplished with them. He was therefore chosen for the role of chief engineer on board the Wayfarer.

Felwin Aririck

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